Monday, July 9, 2012

St.Thomas and all things tropical

Island breeze, lobster, and sun what else can one ask for?? I spent the fourth of July in the Virgin islands, St.Thomas and it was such a relaxing and delicious might I add vacation. When I think back the words that stick out to me are LOBSTA LOBSTA LOBSTA!! I don't think I have ever consumed as much lobster as this past week and I loved every bite of it. At the resort they had these amazing lobster quesadillas that were so cheesy I could have them everyday. Unfortunately I never got to take a picture of them, by the time I realized it I had already gobbled up them up.
Up on top are Lobster tostadas which were giant chunks of grilled lobster in a crispy tortilla topped with arugula. This was one of the appetizers we had at Havana Blue. This restaurant was right on the water and is lit up by blue lights which makes for a great atmosphere. 
There was also the fabulous "sticky shrimp" I am not too sure what was in the heavenly sauce they were covered in but wow were they good!
And then who could forget the yummy truffle lobster mac and cheese... that explains itself, big rigatoni with melty cheese and big lobster chunks. My mouth waters just thinking of it!
I also did some snorkeling in Trunk Bay which according to the travel channel is in the top 10 beaches. The water is so crystal clear it's really amazing and they have an underwater snorkel trail which tells you a little about the different fish and coral that are down there.
At our resort they had several water activities which me and Danny were all over :) There's just something about being on vacation that makes me a little more adventurous. We went kayaking to a cliff that was by the mouth of the bay which was beautiful but ways away from shore.
On the last day we learned to sail on a Hobie cat which was fairly easy if there is enough wind. I even got to steer! Overall it was a fun getaway with delicious food everyday and I miss it already.. Till next time!

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  1. SOOOOOOO jealous I want to be you right now what fun pics and what a fun blog!