Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spinning Woes

Yesterday I decided I was going to give spinning class one more chance. I had a bad experience with it a couple months back because it left me so sore I could barely walk. The last time I tried it I know I didn't set up the bike properly so this time I asked for some help from the instructor.
I go to David Barton Gym in south beach.. their tag line is "look better naked" which I immediately loved. I love all the classes they offer and this was one I had to overcome! My mom gave me this gel seat to add comfort to my behind during the ride.. and boy did it help! 

I am a group fitness person, I love trying new classes and it makes it easier knowing other people are experiencing the same pain as me. This class was the perfect cardio remedy that I was looking for, it was group, quick, and in a dark room (so no one has to endure my crazy hair and expressions). I always hear the spinning class music in the distance from my pilates class and I loved it. The fast pace music that gets your heart pumping and makes you want to move. Overall i'm glad I gave it another shot because this time around I felt great afterwards! Invigorated is the word that comes to mind. Besides a little pain on my "butt bones" i'm great and the gel seat helped a lot. This will be my new cardio workout :)

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