Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Green Thumb Experiment

I decided that I would grow my own herbs recently.. I mean it's the smartest way to save some money on the herbs I use on a constant basis. Only problem here was when I told Danny about my idea he simply laughed and said "Since when do you garden?". Despite the fact he didn't think I could actually grow anything he bought all the supplies to at least let me try.. so here we are with my mini herb garden on my balcony.
I chose to grow (starting from left to right) strawberries, habanero peppers and basil. Soon enough I realized that my balcony does not get sun, how was I going to prove my green thumb to Danny without sun?!?
 To my surprise my basil thrived but the other two not so much. I was not going to give up I thought to myself, so I went to the nursery and picked up a mint plant and some chive seeds. As luck would have it ...They grew!
My plants despite the lack of sun are growing and are soon going to be ready for harvesting which means mojito time!! So if you are thinking you want to start a garden... DO IT!!! If i can grow some life on a balcony with no sun you can too :) xoxo

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