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 I Should probably share the fact that I have never bought veggies or fruit... until recently. You must be thinking i'm crazy! Well I just got into a health kick not that long ago, I want to be healthier and just generally feel better about myself. As they say you are what you eat. Once I realized that my eating habits were just wrong and the ups and downs on the scale weren't making me happy I decided I need a change.

One of my biggest nemesis, if i may is Pizza.. a love affair gone wrong. If I could I would have this deliciousness everyday, not kidding!
I love it but I know I can't have it as often as I used to. I find healthier variations of this food so I am still somewhat satisfied. I am still starting out on my journey to be healthy and I must say I like how it's going. I love food so I really don't deprive myself because that just makes it worse. My palate is slowly expanding as I try new things and another confession... I don't eat salad! That's another thing I am trying to change, but I do love fruit.
That feeling you get when you've eaten healthy really makes you feel good... I must admit this change has not been the easiest. Sometimes I am still hungry after eating a small portion, I realize this is normal and I drink more water to make up for that hungry feeling. After it passes I really do feel better and it's small steps as I tell myself. I like to drink wine, enjoy a cocktail when i'm out and I think that it's ok... I will never order a salad instead of the short rib so I accept it. Being happy with yourself has to be the number one priority or you won't find joy in other things.
My road to healthy living has just begun and I will be sharing all my recipes as I learn to cook and bake in my little bungalow kitchen! I hope you enjoy :)

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