Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another date night! Macaluso's

So apparently me and Danny are on an italian trend... not that i'm complaining. Tonight was a spur of the moment thing considering we had a date night yesterday, we heard of this place through family friends. We are BIG fans of meatballs and we were told that this place had "thee" meatball of all meatballs so we went. First off let me start off with that this place has no menu.... this is what arrived at our table:
They have different types of homemade pastas that each have a designated protein. You could mix and match to your liking, this was so neat! Everything is made in house and are family recipes which sounded so good. We went with this rigatoni cheese bake and chicken parm & the long curly spaghetti with meatballs. WOW the moment that my lips touched those heavenly meatballs it was over, how was i going to top these? they were served with a big dollop of ricotta.. yum. The chicken parm was also divine but nothing like the meatballs. To finish off our meal we had a vanilla cake, the best part of that was the creamy frosting and the vanilla bean ice cream.
oh yea deliciousness :) xoxo

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