Sunday, July 15, 2012


I wanted to share this delicious drink I found a couple weeks ago called "lambrusco". I tried this the night we went to Macchialina's. I'm really into pinot noir and this was supposed to be kind of like a sparkling pinot noir. My taste buds were in for a delightful ride. It was sweet like a punch with just an amazing refreshing taste. More of a cocktail really is what it reminded me of than a pinot noir. It was so good I have not stopped talking about it and I was set on finding it. So me and Danny went to Total wine which is the best store ever! This place is basically a warehouse of wines and alcohol, a toys r' us for adults as we call it. I knew we could find this lambrusco there, and of course we did.

 I encourage you to try it if you find it because it really is delish!

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