Monday, July 23, 2012

Baked Mozzarella Sticks

I bought these egg roll wrappers the other day because I saw this clever idea to use them to make cheese sticks. I for one love cheese sticks, they're cheesy and filling. Usually this snack is served fried so I was excited to make a healthier version. I ended up adding some pepperoni and making it a pizza style egg roll. These were quick and tasty... perfect little lunch.

egg roll wrappers
mozzarella string cheese
topping of choice
some olive oil spray

All you need to do is lay the egg roll wrapper out and out the string cheese in the middle and add you topping, then roll up according to the directions on the box. Put in a greased baking sheet and once all are wrapped spray with some olive oil. Pop into oven at 375 for approx 15min turning towards the end so that both sides brown.

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