Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spicy Broccoli Pasta

One of my favorite veggies is broccoli, you can really throw this into anything and it just brightens the dish up! I was inspired by a dish on skinnytaste.com that looked appealing to me, broccoli florets with big rigatoni pasta.
The only problem here was how was i going to get away with a vegetarian dish living with a major carnivore. My boyfriend danny believes every meal needs a "meat". When i told him what was cooking for dinner you could only imagine the disappointment.
So to make this dish extra special i added a bunch of red pepper flakes, he loves spicy food.
Here is my rendition of broccoli pasta:

Ingredients as per 3 servings: 

3 cups rigatoni pasta
2 tbsp olive oil
stalk of broccoli cut into florets
grated pecorino cheese
dash of salt & pepper
4 shakes red pepper flakes (or to taste)

I tossed the broccoli florets with the olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes as i heated the oven to 425. Put the timer for 20 min  and toss half way through.

Boiled pasta as the box directed and salted the water. When everything is done toss everything together and add red pepper flakes to taste. The result..... Explosion of flavor in your mouth!!
Enjoy :) I know i did!

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